• Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: Short
  • Requirements: None
  • Starting point: Sir Tiffy
  • Reward: Coins

Jack the Monkey, or simply Jack, was the second pet monkey owned by the black-hearted Captain Redbeard Frank. Jack loves to eat bananas from the Skilling zone. They've been on epic adventures, quests, plundered hundreds of people. Jack and Franks are inseparable!
But after their latest adventure Frank drunk a little to much. While Frank was busy drinking beer and hitting on girls at the Varrock's Blue Moon Inn Jack took off. Once Frank went home he realised his friend was missing! After searching for hours Frank went home. Frank is going crazy without his friend Jack.
Thank god he has his old friend Klarense who has his back!
If you want to help Frank to get Jack back you should talk to Sir Tiffy in Varrock, that old man knows everything!