General Graador, The God of War is in fact a goblin! Although he is a god, he is not conciderd wise. He kills his enemy's with brute force and his 3 strong companions. There is no room for negotiating he will crack your skull if you don't crash his first!

You can reach this boss by clicking on the quest tap -> select 'Bosses' -> select 'Godwars Bosses' -> 'Godwars: Bandos'

General Graardor
Ourg bones Always 1
Nature rune Common 200-260
Law rune Common 200-300
Rune pickaxe Common 4-6
Rune 2h Common 2-6
Rune Longsword Common 3-4
Rune battleaxe Common 1
Rune arrows Common 100-150
Rune platebody Common 2-5
Rune kiteshield Common 5
Rune sq shield Common 5
Rune bar Common 20-40
Adamant ore Common 55-200
Coal ore Common 200-335
Raw rocktail Common 50-88
Raw shark Common 50-100
Magic log Common 50-150
Super restore Common 3
Grimy snapdragon Common 3
Godswordshard 1 Uncommon 1
Godswordshard 2 Uncommon 1
Godswordshard 3 Uncommon 1
Rune sword Uncommon 1
Dragon spear Uncommon 1
Dragon helm Uncommon 1
Bandos helm Rare 1
Bandos gloves Rare 1
Bandos warshield Rare 1
Bandos hilt Rare 1
Bandos chestplate Rare 1
Bandos tassets Rare 1
Bandos Godsword Very Rare 1