Welcome to Requiemscape. This page will be dedicated to new players about getting to know your way around the server and how it works. When you create your account we recommend following this mini guide to explore Requiemscape.

Once you log in to Requiemscape you'll find yourself in the heart of the game, Varrock. We won't let you go on your adventure without some starter items. These items can be very useful at the beginning of your Requiem journey. Use your starter wisely and become one of the greatest adventurers!

Starter items

Your starterpack will contain;

  • Amulet of strength
  • Amulet of glory
  • Monk robe's
  • Iron Scimitar
  • Rune Scimitar
  • Shortbow
  • Ring of recoil
  • Cape of Legends
  • XP book
  • Guide book
  • 500k Cash
Exprate start

Before you start you will have to choose your experience rate. There will be 5 available options. Each option will influence your experience gain while skilling and killingn but also your droprate.

Before you jump into the actio,you will have to choose your experience rate, there are 5 different options. Each with a different droprate and different experience rate


You can change your appearance by talking to the Thessalia,she can be found in the clothshop in Varrock.

  • Changing clothes
  • Changing hairstyle
  • Changing skin color
Quest tab

To get on your way to become the number one you'll be needing our teleportation system a lot. Check the quest tab.This will be te primarly method to find your way around in RequiemScape.

We also have some walking npc's who will grant you acces to completely new and custom area's! They can be found wandering around in Varrock centre!

Grandpa jack