The King black dragon once was a normal black dragon. A powerfull adventurer named Brokkie came accros but died. With the adventurer dying breath he casted a curse upon the dragon. Years passed untill the black dragons death. When he also died he was given a choice to die in peace or becom a king of dragons. He chose to be king and so the curse happend. The black dragon became misformed, with a huge body and 3 heads. The King black dragon was born, having 3 heads but 1 mind drove him into madness. He was now locked in his dungeon left to be slay and die till the world's end.

To get to the King black dragon go to your quest tab then select 'Bosses' -> select King black dragon and pull the lever.
Dragon Bone 100% 1
Black Dragon hide 100% 1
Blue Charm 100% 2-6
Coins 100% 50k - 100k
Rune Sword Common 1
Dragon Scimitar Common 1-4
Dragon dagger ++ Common 1-4
Dragon Bolts(e) Common 20-30
Yew Log Common 50-150
Raw Shark Common 50-150
Coal Ore Common 65-200
Adamant Ore Common 50-78
Saradomin Brew Flask(6) Common 1-20
Super Restore Flask(6) Common 1-20
Magic Log Uncommon 20-50
Runite Bar Uncommon 20-50
Dragon bone Uncommon 5-17
Crystal key Uncommon 1
Dragon Sq Shield Uncommon 1-2
Dragon platelegs Uncommon 2-3
Dragon Spear Uncommon 1
Dragon Platebody Rare 1
Dragon Hatchet Rare 1
Dragon Pickaxe Rare 1
Dragonfire Shield Rare 1